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 Nobody's Gonna Love Me Like You, 16 | SPIRIT | SAOIRSE RONAN
Cristin Niven
 Posted: May 26 2018, 12:14 PM
17 AGE
Cristin NivenSpirit is Offline

➳ cristin niven
➳ the basics

FULL NAME: cristin lallie niven
NICKNAMES: cris or crissy
AGE: sixteen
BIRTHDAY: 05/10/2002
GENDER: cis female
PRONOUNS: she/her
GRADE: junior
GRADE STARTED: freshman year, august.
GROUP: elite
PLAYBY: saoirse ronan
BIRTHPLACE: miami, florida
ETHNICITY: irish, scottish, some german

➳ the appearance

HEIGHT: 5'6"
HAIR COLOUR: dark brown with blonde high lights
TATTOOS: none, though she thinks they look pretty cool
PIERCINGS: the thought of having a hole in her body besides in her ear piercings makes her feel uncomfortable
SCARS: one small one on her right arm from falling off a horse
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: eyes and narrow shoulders

➳ the relationships

Morty Niven (58, business man) & Karissa Niven (55, socialite/retired actress)

Reuben Niven (33, business man), Micha Niven (30, police officer), Beckett Niven (30, business man), Ricky Niven (25, "unemployed"), Randell Niven (20, KU student)


Gypsy (3, black pug)

none in town


➳ the health

CURRENT ADDICTIONS: cannolis and little debbie's strawberry shortcakes
PAST ADDICTIONS: twix and twizzlers
SMOKING: never
DRUGS: never
ALCOHOL: never but tempted to try it

LIKES: baking, turtles, candy, twix, dancing in the privacy of her room, popcorn, singing with her hair brush, choosing her own outfits without being judged, cooking, kickboxing, junk food, quiet places, animals, books, the sound of a violin, watching the ocean, surfing, doodling, crushing cans, dry erase boards, making friends, coffee, ricotta, Gouda, mint ice cream

DISLIKES: Softball, rugby, basketball, being told what to do, real fighting, drugs, being ignored, horses, action movies, feeling alone, not being heard, the sound of Styrofoam rubbing together, invasion of privacy or space, leprechauns

FEARS: Guns, gun shots, getting piercings on her own body, her parents, the thought of never escaping her family, the thought of never getting a chance to be who she wants to be, living with regrets

SECRETS: Family full of criminals and thieves, wants to be a chef/taste tester, witness to murder, can kick butt if she feels threatened

GOALS: Stand up to parents, find her voice, become independent, go to school for culinary degree, travel

➳ freeform
I walk and the past walks with me.

Have you ever felt like you've lived multiple lives prior to this one? Almost as if your soul has been roaming the earth far too long? Some of the things you've done come so naturally as if you've done it a billion times over again in a different place and a different body but there are also those things you could never achieve, no matter how hard you desire it. An invisible barrier keeps your mind and body from doing what should be the most simplest of tasks and everyone else can do it but you're the only one left out. You can't understand what's happened. You've planned out the steps, detail by detail, reviewed the layout several times, but when you try it for yourself, nothing goes to plan. The only explanation that pops into your head is that you're being punished. Why though? You've done nothing worth punishing. Then you realize you're not being punished for something you've done now but in your previous life. Perhaps something so horrible, you're forced to face the consequences in this lifetime.

• • • • • • • • • •

Cristin's story is nothing exciting nor is it depressing. Not completely. Just a tale of two lovers who married for all the wrong reasons. One, a young handsome business man from a large Scottish family with more secrets than able to count and the other, a young beautiful Irish American actress who thought she was untouchable. She wanted to feel financially secure, her stuck up attitude would only lead to a downwards spiral, and he wanted her. Aside from the promise of beautiful babies, he thought her drive would be a great benefit to the family "business". It was all about the family. It always has been. To be honest, there might have been more to the marriage than expressed but Cristin knew better. Whatever little bit of love they had for each other was completely squashed by the time she was born.

• • • • • • • • • •

Raised in a family of all boys, Cristin was practically treated like one. In fact, the Niven's were aiming for their last son when she popped out. "Surprise! It's a bo-a healthy baby girl! Yay..." She was supposed to be lucky number six. All the clothes and toys already picked out. It was going to be the "perfect" little family. Six perfect little soldiers, her father would joke. Despite her gender, she did everything her older brothers did. She was told to join a sports team to build up her stamina like all her brothers (and she hated it), she was told to play an instrument like the twins (and semi-enjoyed it), and was told to smile for the cameras. Although they were all treated as boys, tough love and harsh words played the back bone of their upbringing, Cris was given more attention. They couldn't deny she was a girl, her father's only daughter, and her mother made sure that she wasn't completely trampled by the environment around her.

• • • • • • • • • •

So, what's so depressing about Cristin's life? She seems to have almost everything. A large family that will push hard on her and expect a lot but is willing to protect her at all costs. Two parents who are married and beyond wealthy. A horde of older brothers to annoy and love her. Well, sometimes things aren't exactly as they seem. What most people see when they see the Niven family is a thriving billion dollar business man and his beautiful wife living in a strict household, raising their beautiful children to be just as rich and perfect. What most people don't see is the death and danger that seems to follow close behind. More people walk in but not everyone walks out. Being a business man is only a chunk of the wealth. The real money comes from a long line of organized crime. 3 generations worth to be exact.

• • • • • • • • • •

The Niven family was originally one of the poorest families in Florida. Refusing to continue to live a life of poverty, Cris's grandpa Eliot not only made a promise to see his family rise but made arrangements with some neighborhood friends, creating a mini empire of crime. As the crimes began to get bigger so did the families wealth. From small robberies to bank robberies, theft, and drugs trafficking, the Niven family name became a name of fear and respect in neighboring areas. However, with a growing family of twelve and all this money, they would need a bigger cover. Then, came along Cristin's father. The brightest of all ten children, he aspired to be a business man and became just that. It was the perfect cover. Needing to keep said business alive which helped him reach this point in his life, he naturally decided to train his children just as he was trained. Most of them didn't see the issue of joining the family business while at least one, questioned it all, beforing being forced to join anyways.

• • • • • • • • • •

Again, how is this a depressing story? Ask Cristin. Due to the family business, death has become just another usually part of everyone's daily life. They are a family of crime but under her father's roof, there is one major rule. No killing on the property of their main home. Make that two. No killing in front of the children. The one night someone decided to break the first rule was the night Cristin was also somewhere she wasn't supposed to be and ended up witnessed something she shouldn't. The event scarred the poor eight year old to the point that she wakes up crying in the middle of the night. Even the sight of a gun makes her nervous and the sound of a gun shot, even just on television, upsets her and brings her right back to that moment.

• • • • • • • • • •

Something her family neglects or refused to see is her desire to be her own person. Cris has dreams and hopes like another kid but she could never find her voice. She always did what she was told. She always listened to what was said to her but no one ever listened to her. Right when she was born, her parents planned her every move, especially with the public's eyes on them, and those times that she did gain the courage to defy her parents or stick up for herself, they brushed her off and told her she was being silly. That she wasn't doing what was best for the family. Her favorite one, she wasn't capable of making real decisions by herself. It made her mad and sad and frustrated to the point where she found comfort in her bed, curled in a ball. When that didn't work, sometimes confiding in her older brother Randall worked. When he wasn't around, she leaned on kick boxing or cooking.

• • • • • • • • • •

According to her parents, her future is set in stone but she wants to one day have the courage to really tell them how she feels. She wants to express that she doesn't want to join the family business. She wants to become a chef or a taste tester. She doesn't want to have her whole life planned out for her. She wants to make her own plans and decisions, maybe even be spontaneous for once. She doesn't want to resort to a life of crime. She wants to be normal. She wants to be Cristin. Not some copy of Cristin that somebody else made. Coming to KPYA has started to open her eyes more, though she still has a long way to go.

➳ relationships
Cristin Lallie Niven, Cris for short, is a sixteen year old junior who wants to be so much more than what her parents have planned for her. Quiet as a mouse, observant as can be, and openhearted, she is the daughter of Miss Karissa and THE Morty Niven. Her mother is a retired actress and current socialite and as for her father, he is a business man and a billionaire who is both feared and admired. Depends on whether you're on his good or bad side. His influence stretches far across the states so it would only make sense that his daughter would attend KPYA. That was the school of which he attended himself once upon a time, along with her older brothers.

➳ lovers:
This is as foreign a place for her as it can possibly be. Cris has never had a crush outside of food, nor has she dated or kissed anyone. So, she's super inexperienced. Like she has no clue what to do or how to start anything and would probably feel awkward because she was raised not to think about that stuff. There were way too many other things to worry about. If someone were to flirt with her, I'm not sure she would understand what was happening. As observant as she is, she'd think the person was being very friendly.

➳ friends:
Friends were limited back home because they were too much of a distraction but now that she's at KPYA, she's more free to meet new people. Just because she's on the quiet side doesn't mean she's antisocial. Find something to talk about like food, movies, almost anything, and you'll be surprised she likes a good conversation here and there. Overall, she's a good listener from all the years of being told her every move. When she first arrived, she was most likely overwhelmed with the freedom from her parents so she probably needed a few kids to show her the ropes of being an independent high schoolers, which she's still working on but don't be afraid to approach her. She won't bite.

➳ enemies:
She's the daughter of a billionaire. Automatically, she has enemies because people might think she's stuck up like her mother or cocky and dominant like her father. Her quietness could definitely be mistaken as being pretentious or a weakness but don't be fooled. She was raised to be able to fight for herself so she will take someone down if she must. If she can avoid it, which she would love to, she'll simply walk away from the scene. In general, she's kind of a "flight over fight" so, she may even look like a bigger push over for not speaking and walking away. Though in her head, she's told them off.

➳ family:
Her family might seem small until you meet her eight uncles, aunt, and all their children. Very close knit, they're all part of this family business that she'll be forced to take a part of and is trying to avoid at all costs. Nevertheless, she's at least not going through it alone because one of her older brothers is on the same campus (KU), going through a similar hesitation. I'll put a want ad for him soon and that's just about as far as her family info goes.
AGE: 20
MATURE THREADING: I'm fine with it
CONTACT INFO:pm and discord
OTHER CHARACTERS: azura ravenwood, sasithorn anantasu, and genevieve adler
YOUR WRITING STYLE: I'm not sure how to describe my writing style. All I can say is that I prefer third person. I've always had an issue with keeping things present from past tense and vice versa but I generally role play using past and my length varies between 50-600 words.
 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 09:40 PM
29 AGE
Emilyemily is Offline

➳ Accepted!


We're excited, Cristin Niven, that you chose us as your new school. But don't worry, you won't have much time to think about things like settling in; drama is always around the corner and K-TV's eyes and ears are watching your every move and plotting how best to ruin your life on national television!

Please remember to submit all of your necessary information to the registrar's office before you go out and enjoy campus life and your new classes. We wouldn't want you to fall through the cracks, now would we?

She looks excellent. Go forth and have fun with her!

Landon Adler
 Posted: Jun 15 2018, 11:51 PM
16 AGE
Landon AdlerEric is Offline

Landon ➳ Crissy

Landon and Cristin need to be besties! We spoke about this somewhat briefly, but these two would be in the same grade so I imagine they made quite a friendship through some classes they had the same. Now entering as Juniors, I really think these two could possibly become even closer as friends? Maybe she's one of his closest friends at KPYA? Anyway... it's all up to you, but I'd love to see these two plotted together at some point.
Cristin Niven
 Posted: Jul 7 2018, 08:41 PM
17 AGE
Cristin NivenSpirit is Offline

I was going to dm you but might as well just write it here. First off, sorry for getting to this post late. I def agree to the above. I would love for them to be close friends and I know Cris would be much appreciated to have a friend such as he. Just a heads up though, the closest she has ever come to a best friend is her brothers so she may be awkward if he ever calls them best friends and start overanalyzing the way she does things like "is this how a best friend acts? How do best friends act". Overall, it'll be fun to see them out and about. They're both going to Dubai and the summer camp as counselors so lots for them to do this summer. I know you had mentioned that he would try to bring her out of herself so yeah, even more exciting to get to play that out. Alright. I've written enough and we can talk more via discord.
Valentina Rojas
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 02:29 PM
17 AGE
Valentina RojasOwl is Offline

Valentina & Cris

Considering the line of work Cris' family is in, and the circumstances/rumours around Valentina's parents' disappearances, maybe there could be some kind of "business" connection between the two families? Well, not the whole family, just her immediates. Could they maybe have known each other as children?

I feel like there's a lot they have in common, but I'm not sure if they would have actually bonded/interacted too much? Or maybe having an idea of the others background have them super wary/on edge around each other?
Cristin Niven
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 06:41 PM
17 AGE
Cristin NivenSpirit is Offline

Going to try to write this before my phone might die. SO, I love the idea of having known each other prior to KPYA. I havent read her app so I can't make assumptions but perhaps just as they meet in school, maybe their parents might have as well. It's fine if not. Just a suggestion but there is a possibility for them to have been raised to be aware of one another as children. Her father would be picky about allowing her around normal children but in order to guarantee bonds, he would allow any of her children to become familiar with Val's family.

On a level of whether they actually interacted, Cris would love to have had a somewhat friend who understood her circumstances and maybe even knew how she felt and got the whole quietness though she does talk without fearing of something happening to Val. She would be wary to a point only because they both come from that lifestyle and her father has taught her that even friends can become enemies.
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