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 N0 Sc0pe, 04/12 | Open
Lyric Holden
 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 05:38 AM
17 AGE
Lyric HoldenBriar is Offline

TW: Purposefully self-harm, offensive video game term, and use of the term 'ritual'.

Both Lyric and the Head Nurse were the 'bestest frands evar'! So when it came to a difficult pop quiz she didn't study for, the nurse definitely had her back! "I swear, I didn't do it on purpose," The junior argued, sitting on one of the beds with bile-covered tissues spread around her in a ritual-like circle. "I couldn't get here in time to refill my thermos, it's not my fault-- not my fault Poppy doesn't supply the water for me." Her stay in the Health Center was indefinite, but as long as she argued her case then maybe just maybe she could last a period with her 'bff'.

What she did was unwarranted and inexcusable, which she hasn't failed to admit. The road out of 'ELO hell' was a deteriorating one. All night (with the monitor light lowered, mind you!) Lyric carried as many of her teams as possible in League of Legends, only to have her score slightly lowered to a minimum? Well, she wouldn't know because one in 'ELO hell' never knows their score. She assumed because she hadn't made it out yet, and there had to be a way to climb to the 'Gold Rank' and that meant staying up.

The next day, she wandered into class to gaze upon the comic-sans font that was 'POP QUIZ' before moon-walking her way out of the classroom and over to the one of the broken water fountains. It was a bit too coincidental that one of her favorite thermos' was empty... To bring thermos around the school was mandatory for her, for her disorder required that she drank fluids to dispel the muck that surrounded her lungs. The drinking fountains although helpful contained harmful bacteria. She had a pass that excused her anytime to refill her bottles at the Health Center or a nearby office, but she had to return to class afterwards and that couldn't be done. One of the fountains on the first floor was tampered with, causing the faucet to spray the water up thus 'one-shotting' it's victim. So after leaning over, she ended up doubling over the faucet covering it with putrid bile. And now here she was, being scolded by one of the nurses who saw through her entire shtick.

As the nurse left, Lyric took the time to inhale before pushing the tissues off of her bed and into the bin. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed someone nearby and quirked her eyebrow up. "Let me guess," The teenager said, pulling her oxygen tank closer to her bed before eying the individual. A long pause before the air in her tubes passed through her nostrils. "You also had a test to skip?" She was unsure of their injury or whether they volunteered in the center, but it wasn't very surprising to see another student there.
December Wynters
 Posted: Apr 19 2018, 07:19 PM
17 AGE
December WyntersEmily is Offline

Decca had somehow managed to twist her ankle. To be fair, she was sure someone had probably warned her of the puddle of water on the floor but had forgotten to take into account that Decca had been wearing massive headphones at the time, as well. So she hadn't heard them calling out to her.

So therefore she had stepped into the water, slipped, and then landed flat on her butt -- all without making a sound of course. A verbal sound at any rate. The squeak from her sneakers and the thud from her butt landing on the hard floor had definitely been pretty loud. When or if she told the story to Jess , Jess would probably giggle at her -- which was okay, Decca had found it funny, too.

Until her ankle began to throb.

She was now at the health center [thank god for that elevator, stairs would have killed her] and looking to get it iced and wrapped up properly when she heard a familiar voice behind her. She turned carefully with a smile and then shook her head no. It took her a moment to find a pen in her backpack, but she was scribbling out a note for Lyric in not time. "What? Nope, no pop quiz, just slipped on a puddle of water." It was kind of humiliating to describe in written word, but it was how it had to be.

She signed really quickly to the nurse -- who thankfully knew ASL -- her predicament and then went to sit and wait for the ice and wrap.

Lyric Holden
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