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 Save ME
Landon Adler
 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 11:52 PM
16 AGE
Landon AdlerEric is Offline

Elite/Royal - Taehyung (V)
Hey, so I am requesting for Lan/Land/Landon, whichever you want to call him. Anyway....onto the ad.

For the sake of this wanted ad, let's call him Taehyung. So, Taehyung is 16/17 years old and he's a Junior at KPYA as well. I imagine he's either Royal or Elite and for some reason, he was forced into doing work with Landon. We could work out the details or whatever, but the two become friends and eventually, they could form something or it could remain platonic or whatever?

But anyway, I want these two to wind up against each other at some point because maybe he slips Landon's biggest secret after spotting him binding or something? But I'd like if somehow he was the one to let lose Lan's one and only fear whilst at school.

Anyway... they could make up, become lovers, whatever, but I kind of want them to wind up together even for a bit, because of picspam, why else? Also, Lan needs some love in his otherwise loveless life. xD

So... Faces and stuff... Face claim is Taehyung Kim (V from BTS) I want that face because the picspam between him and Junkook Landon's FC. He should be maybe 16/17 years old and personality, history, everything is open. If you want to talk about this just PM me, post here, or Discord me!

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