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 Peek-A-Boo, Gene's Little Brother
Genevieve Adler
 Posted: May 14 2018, 11:19 PM
20 AGE
Sophomore KU
Genevieve AdlerSpirit is Offline

Alright lovely people. This is a completely open faced ad for Genevieve's little brother. For now, we'll call him Landen but you have free domain to decide his name as well.

Here are a few facts about Landen and the Adler household:

Landen is the second youngest at 16 years old in a family of 9
He is the first child to be adopted and was adopted at a few months old
His older siblings except Jessamine attended KPYA/KU, including father dearest and his side of the family (but they don't communicate with them much)
His father is an orthodontist and his mother is a supernatural novelist/paranormal investigator which means perfect teeth and a restriction on candy and possible bullying (Gene was the only one to have been bullied thus far because of her quietness in the past that could easily be taken as a weakness but the rest of the clan are too protective to let that happen to anyone else.)
Genevieve was a teen mom so he has a four year old niece named Nina who is completely obsessed and fascinated with him

Any other information that wasn't mentioned here or in my APP is free for you to decide. This want ad is very open to whoever chooses to take him but feel free to message me with questions. Gene just wants her little brother around so she can worry about him and care for him and be the big sister that she is.
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