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 Member Groups
 Posted: Oct 11 2017, 09:39 PM
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the member groups

all the info you need to know


Elites are the cream of the crop. They are the top dogs. They are the world's 1%. They are actual royalty, financial moguls, worldwide socialites. They are international brand names. They are followed by the paparazzi and everything they say or do can and will be blasted all over the media on every outlet possible.

At KPYA and KU, they're treated just as handsomely. They get away with murder from the headmaster and the teachers. They can do no wrong and they rule the school. Other students either love them or fear them -- or the alternative which is to kiss up to them and hope they can get into an Elite inner circle. Elite families donate handsomely to Kingston and it's not uncommon to see their names somewhere around the campus -- and we don't just mean in your 4th period English Class.

Right now, we are limiting each member to one elite character/family -- with a sliding scale involving siblings and want ads for other Elite family siblings.

To clarify, this means we allow one elite FAMILY per character. For example, if you create the "Astor" family, you cannot make any more new elite families. However, you are still allowed to make new elites in the form of siblings/cousins of existing elite families (by the request or consent of whoever made said existing family). Those do not count toward your total.


Still rich, still powerful, and still well known, these are the uppercrust students of the world. They have connections in powerful places and they come from both old and new money. Their families have donated to Kingston over the years and there might be a wing or two dedicated in their family's name -- hence the 'royal' title.

They might have a social media following just like the Elites, but they aren't splashed across the front page and scorned to the ends of the earth. These families are doctors, sports stars, politicians, and other well known sorts of jobs.


These are the smarty pants, the prodigies, the kids who will go places using their talents and their brains alone. They're at KPYA and KU on scholarship purely because they are the students that keep KPYA and KU's academic standing, well, excellent. If it weren't for these kids, KPYA and KU would just be another fuddy-duddy school for the rich and famous or just another party university.

Whether they're athletic, academic, musically inclined, or artistic in some way, they're a knight and they're making the school look good for the rest of the world. But watch out -- if they screw up even once, their scholarships are pulled and they're out.


These are students of the staff, students from the local community who want a better opportunity than the local high school, and they're also the producer plants that K-TV has thrown into the mix to cause drama. Townies and faculty kids' tuition has been dropped dramatically and of course, producer plants get paid very handsomely to stir up drama and create trouble for the camera crews.

These students aren't necessarily 'lesser' but they might feel that way once they realize that most everyone else is better than they are -- and they don't forget that just because someone is a jester doesn't mean they aren't rich. Jesters can be of any social class or standing. The juiciest bit of drama is that nobody knows who's a producer plant -- other than themselves and K-TV of course.


These are the students that have either decided to continue their KPYA education on the same campus they're familiar with, or they're using the Kingston reputation to make a better name for themselves in the real world. Kingston University is like the Stanford of the East Coast. It's no Ivy, but it's surely the next best thing.

Although all of these students fall under one category, they still play their little roles for the rest of the world. Elites, Royals, Knights, and Jesters/Producer Plants -- nothing changes for them and it likely never will.

Any Elite Courtiers also fall under the one Elite Family per member rule and also under the guideline of needing to be staff approved.

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