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 Posted: Oct 17 2017, 06:07 AM
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young & menace plot

the nitty-gritty plot and happenings of young & menace

For as long as anybody can remember, Kingston Preparatory for Young Adults was a prestigious academy tucked away in Monticello, Virginia. For most of its history, it was a boarding school for the rich and famous, housing generations-old blood millionaires, celebrities, and the occasional lottery winners. However as the modern world changed, the academy had to adapt to the advent of technology, of social media, and of the rise of YouTube, vine, and reality TV stars.

Since 2011, the reality show Kingston television -- aka K-TV -- has been airing with two episodes per month detailing the lives of its students. The show gained so much popularity that students were lining up to apply from all over the world; some to join the ranks of the most academic minds in the southeast, and some to get their fifteen minutes of fame.

Over the summer before the 1999-2000 school year, KPYA decided to expand its success by adding a university to its campus. Now students from KPYA could graduate and go into university without ever having to leave their beloved campus. to add to that, the KU program -- Kingston University -- accepts all college students from all walks of life. They even use the same class system as the preparatory and share many of the KPYA facilities including the dining hall, the sports pitches, and the Rockefeller residency hall.

Now in its seventh season, K-TV is booming. Some had doubts about the longevity of such a project, but the producers have proven time after time that the lives of students in KPYA is nothing short of good television. But what's good for the production might not necessarily be good for the relationships on campus.

With the producers making sure to edit content to spice things up, friendships will be tried, relationships will be affected, and conflicts will come from anywhere and everywhere. Can you handle it? Can you handle your fifteen minutes of fame and fortune?

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