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 Posted: Oct 18 2017, 06:09 PM
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the site rules

please review. last updated april 10, 2018

Hello and welcome to Young & Menace! We know that most rules are pretty straightforward these days, but go ahead and give ours a once-over so that you're familiar with everything! If you're unsure of anything, please don't hesitate to ask for clarification!


  1. Although we do have Premium, we have decided to stay a 16+ community. We've decided to allow younger members on our board simply because we don't want to limit creativity and also we want to promote younger writers to feel comfortable doing something they enjoy.
  2. When joining us, please register with your character's first and last name in Proper Caps. Please keep in mind that the skin may change the appearance of your character's name on the board, though.
  3. We are an account-per-character with no OOC accounts board. So please make sure to link all of your accounts to whichever character will be your main account. You can do this by going into the sub-accounts section of your User CP.
  4. We do have a small activity rule here. If you would like more information on how the activity and activity checks work around here, please click here.


  1. There is no character cap though we do want you to be mindful of what you can play. If you feel like you don't have the muse for a character, it is okay to ask for it to be archived. You can make 10 characters without being mindful of the amount of posts you make (i.e. they're fine as long as you fulfil the AC requirements). After 10 characters, we ask that if you make more, all 10 of your characters are being actively played.
  2. Underclassmen [Freshman and Sophomores] are NPCs on this board. This means that your character should be aged 16 and up [15 if they've plausibly skipped a grade] and a Junior or above. We've always followed this rule seeing as there are situations happening on this board that we find inappropriate for younger characters.
  3. There is absolutely not a -/+5 year rule for faces. We don't like them and we feel like it's a discredit to creativity. We only ask that you use good judgement when choosing pictures. We also allow all kinds of face claims to be used. If we can google them, they can be used. Youtube, instagram, tumblr, we don't really care (so long as the person hasn't released a statement asking not to be used in roleplaying sites). We do ask that you do not use someone you found on facebook or any of your friends or family or anyone who has publicly asked not to be used. Deceased faces are fine we just ask that you err on the side of caution for those that have recently passed as they may upset some people.
  4. There is no duplicate name rule. You can name your character whatever you wish. Repeat last names are generally only shared between families. We only ask that you make sure and not duplicate an entire name, it won't let you register with one anyway.


  1. We have absolutely no word count here. The only exception to that is the small one in the application. We do not require post matching, we do not require anything. You post what you feel is good enough for you, although we please ask that you talk to your partner beforehand to double check that what you write vs. what they write is good for the both of you.
  2. God-modding and meta-gaming are not allowed on board. There will be a two-strike warning if we are made aware of this. You will get one warning, and the second you will be asked to leave.
  3. We appreciate character development here on Young & Menace. If you want to give us bare bones for a character, that's fine. We aren't going to be super stringent on character personality, instead we will be focused on how you can integrate your character into the setting and the lore we have created.
  4. Please timestamp your threads in the description of your topics. This is especially helpful for everyone involved as well as yourself so that you can easily keep track of what your characters are doing at any given time; it also helps keep them from being in two places at once.
  5. We are a 3-3-3 rated board. However, just because we are such a high rating doesn't mean that you can go around writing violently gory scenes or porn. We ask that anything that might need a content or trigger warning be marked with a [CW] or a [TW] tag at the beginning of the topic title. Same goes for [M] for mature and [V] for violence. At the top of the first post of a [CW] or [TW] thread, please place the warnings clearly so that others are aware. If you forget, please make sure to at least label them in the post where they show up.


  1. While we cannot guarantee our site to be a Safe Place, we would like to promote a community where people of any sexuality, gender, age, race, ability, nationality, disability, and so on and so forth can come and feel comfortable on this board. That means that any sort of slur or derogatory or prejudice or any sort of anti-anything or 'phobe' comment will be given a two-strike warning: once will get you a warning, a second you will be asked to leave. Nobody should feel threatened or unwelcome when they are playing on this board.
  2. That being said, respect is key. Not only for other members, but for the staff as well. Everyone is here to have fun and we don't want to see anyone be a jackass for the hell of it; it's not right and it isn't fair. If you don't agree with someone OOCly, take it to PM or a messenger service. If you don't like someone, make sure it doesn't cross OOC/IC lines.
  3. Please keep the CBox PG-13 at all times. It is the 'public' face of the board. If you see a guest, stop and say hello, greet them, talk to them. Do not ignore people in the cbox. Please also be aware that not everyone may want to use the site's Discord so make sure to say hello if you see someone in the cbox. If you want to have more mature discussions or to rant and rave and spam about a ship or a character, take it to Discord, there are channels for that.
  4. Immature OOC behaviour will not be tolerated. We understand that people like to joke around and have fun with each other, but if it gets to the point that the joking or the play fights become too difficult to discern from real fights, we can and will ask you to leave the cbox or Discord discussion for a time.
  5. Last but not least, please just have fun, respect one another, and use your common sense. This is a board for a hobby, not a place to take out all of your frustrations on other people. Be cool, don't be an asshat, and everything will be good!
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